Lifestyle Dental Plans

Lifestyle Dental Plans

Dental coverage is important - without it many employees may never visit the dentist at all. Lifestyle Dental Plans are specifically designed to complement our wellness-inspired group health benefits program. Lifestyle Dental is your starting point for great group dental benefits, integrated into a program focused on prevention, lifestyle change, and health improvement.


Did You Know? 

Dental care and routine dental exams often assist with the early detection of serious diseases or conditions.

Our Dental Plans are designed to offer all that you will need in terms of prevention, basic and major dental procedures, as well as orthodontia. Dental benefits do not need to be complicated and our program is designed with some straightforward, cost-competitive plan designs - in the same wellness-inspired spirit of our medical and vision programs.

Please note, these plans are most competitively priced when coupled with a Lifestyle Health Plans group health benefits program. For more details and for information on bundled pricing, contact your Lifestyle Health Plans sales representative or contact us.

Our dental plan designs provide the following benefits:

Preventive Procedures

Coverage for Fluoride Treatments (under age 19), Cleanings, Periodic Exams, and X-rays are all standard and available every 6 months.

Basic Procedures

Subject to deductible and co-insurance, coverage for Simple Extractions, Fillings, and Root Canals is standard.

Major Procedures

Subject to deductible and co-insurance, coverage for Surgical Extraction of Teeth, Bridges & Crowns, Dentures, Partials, and Implants is standard.


Subject to deductible and co-insurance, coverage for orthodontics is standard for children under the age of 19, with one year of prior dental coverage.

The information outlined above provides the general plan of benefits designed into all Lifestyle Dental Plan offerings. Detailed descriptions, eligible expenses, and exclusions are described in the Summary Plan Description. 


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Select plans that meet your company's needs.

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Personalize program and activities for your group.

  • Assess Health Risks
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Enjoy a lower deductible, reward perks, the works!

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